$MMAT $MMATF $MMAX $MMAT dividen data. I listened to the George recording. I offer it here for anyone who wants to hear what George actually said. My interpretation is George says he doesn't know what the dividend will be he was just throwing out numbers when he said it could be a dollar or 20 dollars. It's clear he offered the dividend to get a short squeeze and to get investors to buy the stock up and artificially raise the price specifically to entice trch investors to buy up a mystery prize. This could be a good evidence for a securities fraud lawsuit for misleading investors to buy high on a mystery prize with no known value to inflate the stock and cause losses. It sunbelt shows intent to get the price up, but not necessarily deceitful intent. Following this with a 250m offering when retailers bought into the mystery prize, could be a connection to get a nice class action going to get you bagholders some pennies back. Here it is drive.google.com/file/d/1ud...
@RaemenSoups that audio was intentionally leaked on social... with one intent to FOMO and then to drop an offering, I called out his 500m bought deal BS too, part of the ploy to maintain the bid to wrap up mmat in Canada to TRCH for an immediate jump in market cap. all of that I summarized that even the sec can put together from his own TL. his dumbass is fckd.
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