$SENS I will sell some of my shares when SENS would reach 100$, not a second before! And keep the rest till 500-600$. Why I'm talking about those prices some of you may ask? Well, my answer to them, is, do you understand elementary school level simple equation? What's share price of DXCM? Around 500$+/- Well, DXCM is the Only competitor of SENS in that category. They were before, we would credit them for that, but like any museum piece they are already outdated tech. Like older cellphone companies which been replaced by newer and better device. Same-Same. With SENS accurate and efficient tech, diabetics won't need to stab themselves all the time, like in DXCM era. So as I see it, at first SENS would split the market with DXCM. SENS would climb very fast, from 3$, to 10$, to 50$, to 150$ and then will be market leader. DXCM old device would be sent to museum till then. Well, I take in mind that in a 15 years, SENS would be sent to museum as well. But Now it's our showtime!!