$SPHS Time to set things straight and provide clarity. There’s a reason Randall has been holding out for the best offer. J&J bought Cougar for 975 million, and scored a prostate cancer drug now know as Zytiga. Janssen (J&J) bought Aragon for 1 billion (650 cash, 350 CVR), and scored Erleada, a drug that completed Phase 2 trial at the time. Pfizer bought Medivation for 14 billion, scored Xtandi. Boston Scientific bought Augmenix for 600 million (500 million cash, 100 milestones, scored SpaceOAR. Novartis bought Endocyte, for 2.1 billion, and scored Lu-PSMA-617, a drug in phase III trials. Topsalysin will not be sold for chump change. Randall knows the value of his drug and his company. Best drug Randall has worked with. All it takes is a leak of buyout to cause stock to accelerate in price and for company to be sold for a fair value.
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