$APT Every investment has risks and $APT is no exception. Risk #1: With global trade rapidly declining, a small company like $APT may be running into supply chain issues, especially if they are sourcing raw materials outside of the US or have supplier concentration. Risk #2: Management has cashed out and has no incentives to continue rapid growth. They're also near retirement age. -CEO: Lloyd Hoffman | Age 57 | Stock Cashed Out: $15.8mm -IR Director: Donna Miller | Stock Cashed Out: $13.6mm -SVP Manufacturing: Charles Montgomery | Age: 67 | Stock Cashed Out: $2.6mm -Independent Director: Russel Manock | Age 67 | Stock Cashed Out: $3mm Risk #3: Management is most likely not equipped to handle such rapid growth or such a high quantity of orders. It is very atypical for manufacturing companies to grow this fast. It is likely that construction projects will be behind schedule and Covid will cause additional delays. Risk #4: Largest institutional holders are algo traders.
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