$GNUS What exactly did this bring to the table? From what I'm reading it sounds like they have just added a nested tab for educational streaming content which is fine; but this doesn't seem like something huge. If I'm misinterpreting this; please correct me. This is the article I'm using for reference
@Ablackmanholdin @Altilla I got to give some credit to management team. Either shows are not top quality or not, they have been adding shows relentlessly. As long as they group them well for target audience, they will increase the viewership. However, at the end, they will have to come up with a code that tailor show selection just way netflix does. But that is far away from now. Remember that they had only handful shows at the launch date. Now they have much more contents.
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@21GNUS47 @Ablackmanholdin @Altilla There is a lot of competition for viewership though. Yes I get that its "free" designed for children etc You have a plethora of online streaming services though. There are a lot of things that would need to be accomplished to pull viewers from other platforms regardless if they are free or not. There are reasons people pay premiums for things such as Netflix / Disney + Such as ad free viewing, exclusive content, ranges of content e.g. content interesting for adults and children; also an array of quality of life things, ease of use and controls, navigation. I'm not investing in companies because I love them or love their CEO, I'm investing for an eventual monetary gain. I am patient if I have nothing else I do have that quality. News releases like this aren't going to make waves though as you can see by the price and volume; if were big news institutions would start investing more heavily.