$GNUS Falling from grace “Disney” sees where GNUS is headed and trying to steal some thunder. That’s why you see all the legal BS popping up at the same time they announce they want to copy GNUS. It’s one big dance with many contributing players aimed at detouring new investors.😉 You can do that when have major media linked investors like the motley fool in your pocket. The fact remains that it’l take them a very long time to come even remotely close to producing the amount of content GBI already has and is being viewed world wide as we speak. By the time they scramble to get their foot in the door, GBI will already have a cult following of children that will be inseparable from the characters they’re growing to love. Let’s also not forget that the man that put Disney on the map (Stan Lee) has a never before seen IP collection that belongs to Genius Brands now and Disney will still be nothing without it so sorry Disney, but now, its’s Genius Brands time to shine. 💥🕵️‍♂️
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