$NIO $SBE $XPEV $CCIV $JMIA Quarterly run dates for future reference. Q1 January 1st - March 31st Q2 April 1st - June 30th Q3 July 1st - September 30th Q4 October 1st – Dec. 31st According to most reports the stock market is making minor corrections. Top analysts project the correction will subside at around end of Q1 to mid Q2, if not much sooner., meaning any day now. Either way, this is the time the market is expected to make a major bull run which will continue to EOY and into 2022. So, day/swing trade all you want but don’t sacrifice your low cost basis for temporary gains. These stock prices may seem high today but are nothing compared to what you’ll have next year (if you hold) so don’t lose your low average for temp gains. Cost averaging down later, when stocks start flying is your greatest asset and probably the most profitable strategy you can ever have.