$KTOV so it looks like encinitas is the up and running site. Not UCSD. Which is weird considering Ezra Cohen was listed as our PI. So why not start literally at Ezras office at UCSD? And why isn’t the trial listed on his UCSD profile? Ezra has absolutely no connection to nt-219 erbitux outside of what kitov has told us. Are there any other connections? Trial listings with his name? Publications? I can’t find anything. He’s not on the fda website, he has nothing on his profile, his abstract publication April 1st is no where on his profile info. The nt-219 publication is not listed on pubmed. Nt-219 is no where to be found on his pages, at all.
@Blasance I went back to pubmed and realized this disclosure was at the bottom of one of the Keytruda/Ezra studies. Any chance this happened TO Kitov with NT-219? Their patent application was a total cluster F.
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