$TOMDF ALERT: Possible price much higher than originally calculated. $2.00+ on neutral/positive EPS TL;DR - If TOMDF hits - 0.01 EPS in quarterly, there is a good chance that with volume (and volume is key) that it will be worth more than $2.00 NOTE: CFO has increased his position size. up to 300,000 shares personally. Will post in comments a comparable company that makes less money, has more shares outstanding (2.8 billion), and recently hit $0.80 in February of 2021. Similar patterns in trading and insider activity as TOMDF. New PT confidence needs to see the quarterly of TOMDF, however, if it's neutral/positive EPS, we could see multiple dollar figures. We could see above $2.00 per share, and possible more than $3.00 Information in comments. I'm actively looking at ways I could be wrong, if you see something I don't - Let me know! DOUBLE CHECK MY WORK AND BE CRITICAL, IT HELPS US ALL.