Problem with this logic its ALREADY parabolic, and its nearly at the dreaded 90deg . Parabolic activity is always followed by a hard correction. ALWAYS. I want us all to bring in the $$$ but be aware how much of a psychological sell-off target $300 is for everyone involved in short term ETH trading. Do not refute a trend because it doesn't make you $. No position is better than one that can turn on you, and history repeats itself. The last parabolic run to $280 on $ETH.X took over 3 weeks to consolidate before it could have another run. TLDR: 300 by the end of the weekend is practically within sight but there is always a price to pay afterwards. I'm gonna ride this one to just under 300 and then reconfirm
$ETH.X when this breaks 300, this will go parabolic $BTC.X
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