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    Ammad Naeem Joined Feb 13, 2012

    Swing/Position trader with a close eye on undervalued and overvalued stocks. Past performances/fundamentals/analyst ratings along with upcoming events play a major role in my trading strategy. Pre-Market activity is the main focus of my tweets.


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      Byron Dusky
      Buy'n Dips and Sell'n Rips!
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      Frank Lee
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      Brysen Partridge
      I am a full time technical daytrader. Started at the end of 2009, it's been such a blessing to learn so much from so many great people. I am so thankful for all the people that I have been able to meet and continue to meet.
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      Henrick Jeanty
      Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering specializing in Pattern Recognition. Software Architect with own Technical Analysis Software developed over the past 11 years. Teaches Software development in C++ and C# at Comp. Sci. Dept. of large university.
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      Sharon Yau
      I trade off of support, breakout patterns, catalysts, and momentum. I will either scalp, scale in intra-day, or will build a position for days anticipating a big move. Love volume. Love under $20 stocks.
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      S Zaman
      I find the best chart setups for swing and day trades.I can be a Bull or a Bear anytime. I am a Trend Trader. I go where Market wants to go with maximum profit objective in mind.
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      Free stock picks everyday ( Strategy, Entry, Target, Stop ). You are the only one who are responsible for your trading.Trading style based on risk management,technical & fundamental analysis to maximize profits .
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      DT Trades
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      Larry Jordan
      My watch list contains <100 stocks, and my portfolio contains most of them. Leverage ranges from 80% to 120% exposure. Average hold is six months, but seasonal plays may be shorter, and REIT plays may be longer.
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      Ronald Roll
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