$ZKIN 15m Outlook It's currently being traded for $6.10 per one share. The price has tested this $6 support as it failed to break above the resistance area, where the $6.47 pivot is located. The dip to $6 attracted some buyers and immediate spike to $6.58 was seen! However this spike didn't manage to hold up and the price quickly has fallen to a support above $6.10. Then there was a test of $6.45 which has failed and led to another dip, where the price is currently located. The recent dip has been capped at $6.01, but is questionable if we are going to see extended losses below $6 or if this dip to $6.01 was enough. ZKIN is currently being traded in a tight range from $6.10 to $6.47, while break of either of these levels will attract volume. 4H 50 EMA is also located at $6.47. However the key aspect is the short term trend, which is still a downtrend so the price is more likely to break down from this range, rather than break to the upside.