$GLBS For the people who are bearish or worried about this stock not holding gains, all you have to do is go back about a week and a half ago.... See that $GLBS hit all time low $3.80s while in a falling wedge pattern (which indicates a reversal) Since then, it has gain 25-30 percent....breaking above 50sma (indication of reversal) Then you complain.....because you saw $GLBS trending and decided to hop in for gains???? (Got caught in the hype or FOMO) Honestly for the ones still in, it is just straight up fortuitous or happenstance that all of you landed in a goldmine!!!! Easiest DD for you now is to go back 2-4 months of posts on $GLBS read up and your outlook will change...There is great DD by some good people who have been here for way longer dropping serious knowledge!!!! Stop acting like rookies and see what you have!!!!