$GLBS Unpaid past Facts: This is up 20% from the lows when it signaled reversal with a textbook RSI divergence on oversold conditions. It is a fact that if you missed it by 1%, sir, you are a one dumb human being. Unpaid present Facts : I don't usually go for the 'dick measuring path' but I want to know this and carry it with you, you've earned it. I hold a long position and also swing this stock. My average is 3,2 atm and for every 1% increase in the stock's price I will be making 4 digits. For every 10% increase above 3,2 I will be making 5 digits. We'll come back to this topic in a few months. Unpaid future facts: If this goes to zero, it won't make a difference to me. Unpaid irrefutable Facts: There's abominable people in the World. We'll be back tomorrow with more facts!
@AndrewRossSorkinCuzin Geez you're such an amateur. Its an Inverted head and shoulders, its a reversal pattern not a continuation pattern. Here is the hourly chart since they've only provided with that yearly chart at the office. See there? It went to 5.7. You know you can swing a stock, right? Oh, you just know what they tell you. I know im not the kind of user you want to target because I've been trading for more than 6 months but when you started using my posts as yours and lying, it became personal. And I will report you everytime.
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