I’m long many that I don’t post here... my portfolios have more companies than the toilet paper your probably hoarding along with your bags of weed... With Tesla... I’ve been open about hedging... I also hedge others as well... no time to explain to kids like you... I make some change... have a few laughs... life goes on... when your doing it right... it really won’t matter... You and Audibias have an opportunity here... use it... don’t chase after the ganja... Use the most valuable thing available to you... let time make you successful.. The quick get rich mentality won’t get you far... it’s why your in a trap right now while people like me sit back and take advantage of it... GL
@AngryPanda @AudiBias pandas too cool to admit when he’s wrong, bearish on 3 names bullish on 10 - what a winner
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@JustAGlitchBTMFD I’m waiting for that as well. Disappointed to see this virus hit... I didn’t think it would be a big deal but here we are. Once parks close, will be a great opportunity to load up for Disney
@JustAGlitchBTMFD I hit all my targets and follow up targets posted well before the movement. I’m not here to be right or wrong... I pick a few that in my opinion have a high probability of movement and then I throw some money at it... No one should take anything personal... especially what I say or trade.... I can’t stand stupid people... but I do respect those who learn and move on from their mistakes...

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