$PTLA Few Pts: First of all PTLA management didn't care to make an announcement yet about the distribution leg in the "secondary" countries in EU! We had to hear it from Conceptua!!! with bad news they are out there ASAP, with a reasonably good news that may excite some funds/retail over the weekend, considering them again NOPE! Regardless, its the first positive move that could help move A. I've also been reading about possible sale of PTLA??? Please try to understand at this point with lawsuits and all, with PTLA inability to sell A effectively, no one in the right mind would offer more than 60% premium, and frankly no one at the PTLA board would entertain that offer, and rightly so. An effective CEO can really shine here with alliances in EU, in the States, Creative ways to convince hospitals (An ex FDA guy here had a beautiful email sent on that), reduction of cost, better investor relationship, transparency, etc. I will stay long for another ER to see if they've got it or not!
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