$TSLA In Forbes magazine now .. Tesla about to face stiff competition: " Nikola Motor CEO Trevor Milton seems dead set on challenging Elon Musk’s dominance for audacious transportation ideas, upstaging the Tesla chief’s “Cybertruck” debut with a claim that his own hydrogen and electric vehicle company has a breakthrough battery. Experts suspect Nikola’s secret tech derives from cell chemistry that scores of researchers are also digging into. Milton, whose Phoenix-based startup intends to start delivering zero-emission semi-trucks in 2021, said last week that Nikola’s battery cell has double the energy density, only 40% of the weight and half the cost of 2170 lithium-ion cells used in Teslas and other consumer-market electric vehicles. He tells Forbes those gains come from eliminating costly metals such as nickel, cobalt and magnesium, use of a “free-standing electrode” and a “whole different type of chemical, with a lithium component.”
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