$OCGN To all new or potential new investors here. Be aware that this company went from $15 to $2 in a very short amount of time. If you are planning on investing in this stock. Don't invest everything you have. Same some dry powder for another day in case this drops even more so that you can average down. The worst that can happen is you lose a fraction of your money and keep the remainder without gaining anything on it. At that point you still have some cash to make the decision to average down more or invest elsewhere. If you do not have this ability due to a small amount that you can actually invest either don't do it here or do it with the understanding that you may lose it all. This is my opinion. I like this company myself, but in small cap bios you need to be sure to keep that dry powder around for when the stocks drop in companies you have done your due diligence in. Good luck to everyone! God speed on your profits!
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