$NNDM This is where the 1 3d PCB printer is going for that military contract that closes tomorrow. 402 EMXG - Electronics Maintenance Group Provides combat-ready avionics parts and services to our warfighting forces. Production encompasses 75 percent of the Air Force organic workload, comprised of 275 key systems incorporating 6,100 discrete items. Transformed capability into effects through outstanding depot-level test, maintenance, manufacturing, repair, and engineering capabilities for all Department of Defense Services and Foreign Military Sales. What this means is that they are evaluating these things for their viability to create parts on demand for all of their combat-ready avionics systems. They are hedging against supply chain interruption. This will be 1 (one) of many to come. LOAD UP NOW! Once the air force gives the thumbs up on these things you better believe the navy will want them on their ships!
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