@RealFooFighters @jcmeredith1Curious Yes to primary prevention. Refer to the Grand Rounds. There's an algorithm to when Vascepa is taken. Currently it is with statins. It will not be approved for standalone because that's not what REDUCE-IT studied. Here's AACE (endocrinologists) showing the previous trials of different EPA:DHA ratios. Low dosages haven't shown any positives. aace.com/sites/default/file... There have been studies that used 9g+ of omega-3s too. All have been nulls. I think what we have to understand is there's a potential regulation by the body on how much DHA to retroconvert. It doesn't mean ingesting EPA would absolutely produce a 4.4:1 concentration of DHA. The body could produce as it needs. We only know too much DHA isn't good for various types of indications. The only thing we have to concern about is STRENGTH and PROMINENT studies.
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