$MTNB A mandatory article for your bedtime reading on mRNA storage challenges because "The stability data of mRNA vaccines are rare in the literature" mdpi.com/2076-393X/9/9/1033... "Some disadvantages of viral vectors include possible allergic reactions and host genome integration of viral vectors" "For example, lyophilization or alternative methods of drying of mRNA LPN suspension will be viable options to improve the stability and storage conditions of mRNA vaccines. Secondly, thermostability of vaccines can be improved by optimizing the mRNA sequence ... Thirdly, the excipients, such as lipid and cholesterol in LPN, can make the vaccine prone to oxidative degradation; thus, stability of vaccines can be improved by optimizing the components and manufacturing process of nanoparticles." LNC 1. is not a virus 2. no need for PEG 3. is stable with or without lyophilization 4. can store at 4C or 25C depends on lyophilization or not 5. doesn't oxidize from crystal containment Knowledge is power