$BCRX Superb Bero/Orladeyo PDUFA & launch prep 8/6/20 earnings CC: CBO Sniecinski: "Our supply chain is ready to support the demand we anticipate. I appreciate the investment $BCRX made early on to secure dual sourcing at each step with established CMO partners; this approach provides redundancy & de-risks our supply chain. We're exactly where we need to be from a supply perspective, and are eagerly awaiting the approval decisions in US, Japan & Europe." CEO Stonehouse: "We have redundancy, dual manufacturers for both API & finished product. Out of 4, only one is overseas, the rest are domestic. So, if something goes wrong with one place we have a backup. In terms of inspections, this is in the public domain from the FDA that they're looking at things differently given COVID. If there's been recent inspections at certain sites without any findings, they'll accept those inspections. We're using big name CMOs & as Megan said, we are where we need to be with supply."
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