$BCRX This is for the bears on this board: It would be a dream come true for me if BCRX drops under $8. I would put all my life savings in it then. I love both bears and longs on this board.
@Ara98 dream come true? really? it’s only going to 8 if there is disappointing news or a big general market correction. either way i’d be nervous putting my life savings in it. why didn’t you put your life savings in it in the 8s 2 weeks ago? basically nothing has changed since then. hell, it was in the 4s and 5s in Q4 2020, pre-approval.
@sudokujesus Most people on this board have averages below $4-$5.. Mine is a little bit higher as I have been adding more even at the higher prices. So we are fine even if it drops under $8.