Tuesday's Top 5 Decliners - Brought to you by Arcadiatrading team: 1. $AVGR -20.00% 2. $LMFA -19.59% 3. $DFFN -14.62% 4. $JUPW -13.74% 5. $MIME -13.68% P.S. These can bounce back and go higher anytime, I'm just reporting the top 5 decliners of the day. ----------------------------- Arcaidatrading team is currently up 533.8% in closed positions in the last 32 trading days. Up 98.2% on most recent closed position on WATT and BNGO. Come check out our chatroom and get the same entries & exits as me! click the discord link in my bio to join the chatroom. Currently holding 12 positions that are up another 121.2% Check them out in my profile.
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