$SAITAMA.X - As @hbar92 said it himself this morning, good morning all. I've another "BEAR/TROLL" friend to introduce today, so let's welcome our "little" @hbar92 . He also apparently bought $SAITAMA.X just before Nov 13, just to benefit from the event and dump it afterwards. He might have made some money if he was able to time it perfectly, but i doubt he made much based on the timing of his comments. But now, @hbar92 has another mission, he wants to spread NEGATIVE COMMENTS just to scare people into selling - HE MIGHT WANT TO BE PART OF THE TEAM AGAIN, because little @hbar92 FEELS LEFT OUT, just like a little kid at the park. I understand hbar92, trying to find a good entry is not easy, especially when there is so many catalysts for $SAITAMA.X - don't despair my friend ;-)
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