$FCEL I read this article and saw Exxon flare gas. Their gnash strapped and turning that waste gas into money is going to be the equivalent of turning water into wine...its a modern day miracle👊
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@sctppr @Tayspit @deezputs yes. Look up Exxon lebarge Wyoming. I believe that gas is 60% CO² i think its a trial by fire to see how effective FCEL is under extreme conditions. I read post that said Exxon had to place the project on hold but....I think its still going/back on. Flare gas is a huge liability for Exxon(Google Exxon and flare gas) and there's not much they can do with it. Likely because one of the biggest challenges is that its not high quality gas. Two, each well has different pressures. 3) many oil fields are in remote areas so....a pipeline would be expensive. But if you have power lines near by....You can run the gas through FCEL, harness the energy and feed it into the grid for transportation to end users as electricity.
@Tayspit @sctppr @deezputs The Exxon Energy and Carbon Summary is a must read. It also helps to watch the video I'll attach to put it in context. It's 50 min but the first half hour is where the meat is and is paradigm shifting if you weren't aware of Exxon's interest in the flare gas. Its how they will likely start monetizing Carbon Capture because it generate instant revenue on the generation side(although the 10q sounds like we keep the generation revenue ) corporate.exxonmobil.com/En...