$MNKD Such negativity about Afrezza. I am sure MC is now starting to push to have the black box removed from Afrezza. That has to happen before insurance can even have a hope of being achieved. But even is successful (and the FDA moves at a snail's pace, so don't expect it anytime soon) insurance still looks at Afrezza as an expensive way to administer insulin and as such is reluctant to cover it. Thats why we need a successful pediatric trial. If it's successful, insurance will be forced to cover it for children. Nobody wants to be an ogre when it comes to the kids. Once that starts, over time it will migrate upward in age until it gets full coverage. But its probably 2 years out. I know many here simply have either written it off or just vent their frustration over what should rightfully been a huge success, but thats the way it is. In the meantime, they have new revenue streams that will support them just fine.