$GOTU It can also be observed that potentially there is TRANSFERE OF INVESTMENTS taking place from Edu and Tal into GOTU, and this is not retail but rather whales or/and institutions. You can see two days ago (Wed) how money was pumped in GOTU (first graph) while taken out from both Edu (third graph) and Tal (second). This could happen as GOTU imo is the Leader of Online Education in China and perhaps because it is the ONLY SHORT SQUEEZE Play (Ortex issued Signal). Intersting developments to take note...
@YodaMaster1 I hope there is no transfer between those 3 because they have to climb that mountain together as each of them are interlinked. Promoting the stock outside of the Chinese online tutoring sector is actually a relevant move. As showed in these monthly website traffic graphs from both GOTU websites, there's no way this stock should be that low.