$PLUG Bobby "SK Group runs South Korea's biggest oil refiner and major battery maker SK Innovation and SK E&S, an LNG-based private power utility and city gas provider, among others, launched a taskforce for tapping into the hydrogen sector last year. The group aims to have a hydrogen production capacity of 30,000 mt/year in 2023 and 280,000 mt/year by 2025 and establish a value chain ranging from production to distribution and supply." Let's put this into perspective. Plug has ambitions to build 5 Green hydrogen plants in the US and have them all operational by 2024 producing 100 TPD or 36,500 mt/year. Based on the statement above we will be producing 280,000 mt/year in Korea. That is 7.67 times more than we will be producing in the US. Is this starting to make sense just how big this is? That would be like us building 38 Green H2 plants in the US by 2025 instead of the 5 we currently have planned. Cathie de $ARKK check out PLUG Power TAM below…
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