$PLUG Power long time Xybarski of Yahoooooooo on current setup of knowing what you own...ONLY BIGGER!!! xybrski12 hours ago I would just like to relate a path I traveled with 2 stocks that I think will be repeated with plug. I will mention 1 "ENPH" Solar inverter co. I bought in around 30 after some research. It went up into the 60s in a few months and then the lawsuits started bigly. 2 out of 3 yahoo news pieces were lawyers hawking the class action need for people to call them. I was worried so I sold 400 of my 600 shares before it dropped to 33ish. Then ENPH started to climb again and the lawyers disappeared never to be seen again. over a few months it went to over $200. I believe I see that pattern again as have others I have talked to. I have 2300 shares of PLUG at @ $6 and will wait it out. GLTA longs.