$CAPR Hope you all can humor me. Let's pretend that everything claimed is true. I would like to talk about patent protection. I value your advice in this area. My understanding is that biologics, RNA / Proteins.. are non patent protected ( naturally occurring ). Development and delivery are the key in this area as they do provide protections. There is precedence as it comes to stealing a drug because the competing drug needs to show greater benefit. This is what is prohibiting competitors for repurposing biologics as there own concept. They are likely only able to prove similar effect. Exosomes, there are patents granted around this technology, and assume that Capricor has a technology advantage. Exosomes have targeting and are 16 fold more effective at payload delivery. They have less side effect / toxicity to achieve higher and repeat dosing levels. Would not this constitute a greater efficacy and thus allow Capricor the repurposing of other competitor biologic candidates?