@SeadogX for my second picture. i am looking at the weekly timeframe - every week is 1 candle. its a much longer timeframe and i like it because it allows you to visualize long term trends easier. if what you want to see is higher lows and higher highs, but short term there is tons of volatility, this allows you to "zoom out" and still capture the big picture. for me, as long as the trend stays consistent with the 50dma (purple line), im happy. the only bad part about using this type of timeframe mentality is that the trends you predict can take years to play out, if they play out. so its important to utilize all timeframes when using TA and doing constant research on what you are invested in, so that you get the entire picture. traders will probably be more concerned with short term time frames, volume(hype), and volatility. long term investors care more about the important things. like financials, dividends, FCF, etc. everyone has their own style and tactics.