Comrades/friends: this is my first and last post tagging $AABB and I'm only doing so to counter the strong opinions shared yesterday about $NWGC. Just from a market cap perspective AABB is sitting at 600 million today. How much more upside do you think there is? Let’s assume it goes to 1.2 billion, that's a 100% increase, right? What about NWGC? To go to the same 1.2b market cap it would be a 3,300% increase. Why invest in highly speculative OTC penny stocks for a 100-200% increase max? I'll end my post with this, there’s a solid chance that NWGC surpasses AABB in terms of market cap in the next month or two. Good luck to all and best wishes. Money will be made in both tickers... wealth and fok you money will be made in one.