$RCAT $OSAT $ALF $GBS $AUUD I'll never understand while a stock not moving nobody wants no matter the fundamentals. Once it begins to run and the chase begins, it becomes the best stock 😂. Find them early and chill,eventually it gets found.
@AstuteGent "Find them early and chill,eventually it gets found"?? That's absolutely laughable. If this post is to be believed, you're pretty clueless. Of course people trade stuff that's moving, because there's, you know, MOVEMENT, volatility that can be profited from. But, seemingly you're the kind of person who buys a position somewhat nonchalantly, looks at the price a bit, then maybe sells at some point, and you don't trade actively, so with that mentality I can see why you'd be confused. But, your definition of "early" seems a bit murky, fundamentals are often of minimal significance if any, and there's no guarantee stocks get "found" or even remain on the exchange.