$ZOM people have no idea how to value their investment properly or there clearly aren’t many actual investors. Just a bunch of complainers and wannabe “day traders” throwing money around trying to see what sticks and get rich quick. Let me explain: if you buy a stock for a dollar a share then you are basically saying that it’s worth that much to you. So why some people complain and bitch is because they don’t actually value the company, they just want to see instant gains. Long term investors don’t worry about daily price action. They invest what they are willing and able to lose and let it grow. Of course there’s risk and never any guarantees but they don’t care. Vanguard and other institutional investors are here for the long haul and don’t worry about the day to day bullshit. They have their analysts predict the success of a company and invest accordingly. If you want to actually invest then you ride out your convictions until the end. If you want to try and be another day trader…