$EVFM Saundra in all her wisdom thinks PHEXXI AND EVO 100 will have billions in revenue someday but we are getting less than a 1000 scripts a week right now. They better get some international partnerships lined up since they have “several” they are talking to so they can stop this dilution train. The Market obviously didn’t think anything was special about the presentation and either did I sadly. Onward and upward, bag holder for life right here and proud of it 🙃
@AttorneysRealty @50Kenzo @Skl6600 Zoom out on the chart to look at a few years though. This thing has some wild moves. I’m not defending the present situation or her poor timing. I’m just pointing out that the current drop is nothing she hasn’t put shareholders through before. We are just the “lucky” ones who have experienced it recently.