$TSLA I’m with you, but no reason to be a martyr, there is no short term news to make it climb, plenty of short term news to make it fall. I’m long for the long term, but given that the next ER will disappoint, I choose to lock profit and let things shake out for the next month while we see what happens in China. Definitely a long term hold, but I prefer to avoid the drastic swings and will look for a buying opportunity hopefully below current levels. If I’m wrong, it won’t be a great increase in my cost basis selling around $750. I’m up almost $400 here and assume I will see $600 before I see a $1000. Either way, I’m gonna sit the next month or so out depending what I see. GL and much respect for holding. I held in the $900’s, $800’s and now mid $700’s. Not letting this profit allude me tomorrow.
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