$AYTU this was a pump and dump stock (and that's not a BAD thing). It served it's purpose, and hopefully you took advantage (profits) and moved on. It may fluctuate more on additional PR (which will be fluff), however will not exceed it's previous high of upper 2's. Why you ask? AYTU is predominately a fertility co, who sought to capitalize on the CV craze by striking a distribution deal with a Chinese test manufacturer. As such, they are a middleman, whose only play was a quick "cash grab" to conceal dismal earnings of previous quarters. AYTU is NOT a vaccine/research/preventative R &D bio/pharma (most ppl don't know stock they own). The problem with this is it had a very slim margin/timeline to be successful, and had to act FAST (catch lightning in a bottle). For whatever reason, shipments came late, stuck in customs, hit w FDA relabeling requirements, etc. (and that is only the first 100,000 tests NOT KITS). Far superior US made/dist. tests now avail and in use. Missed chance!
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