$HGEN Wow! Some really great anecdotal evidence coming out of Austin. Published yesterday. “The FDA approved lenzilumab for compassionate use in COVID-19 cases, and the Mayo Clinic already has done a preliminary study with 12 COVID-19 patients. "It did show that patients who received lenzilumab had a remarkable reduction in the need for a ventilator or death," Robinson said. It also showed that they left the hospital in half the time compared with patients who received the standard of care, he said. The St. David's sites have enrolled between 15 and 20 people in this study, Robinson said. It's a blind study, meaning Robinson has no idea which patients received the medication and which got a placebo. What he has already seen in the patients enrolled is "some patients seem to recover pretty darn quickly," he said. "That we haven't seen in other patient populations. There is promise for this therapy. We just don't know yet."
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