$PPBT When was the new website finished, Jan/Feb? That was where Science, Transformation, Life (STL) debuted. STL is certainly not proof of a buyout, but Purple, the cm24 collab and NT219 award (award might be unsolicited from Bristol and doesn't necessarily mean they won the bidding war) might be a signal that there is a leading suitor and competitors will need to pay up if they want to overcome that. January 20: "we think that the best point, the best timing [...] after some initial or early or preliminary safety and efficacy data. So we actually definitely look forward, we spoke before, we are still speaking with many different players" So I don't think Bristol is the guaranteed winner despite the signals, because phase 1a data is still needed to justify to the buyer's shareholders...
@flipsy I think if it was a for sure thing Gagnon isn't brought in...I think Eric Rowinsky brought in his own guy because Isaac was going to sell us to BMY for too cheap.