$GOVX Stock usually goes back up after a private placement, but this is definitely mismanagement. If they were expecting some positive updates from any of their trials, it would be better to show the results and then raise capital. They are raising at the bottom, and 25 percent less than just a week or so ago. If it is one institutional investor who wants a legitimate stake and knows how to create value, then it might be good for that investor to be in the driver's seat rather than this management. The only positive is that they will be back to close to 20M cash afterwards (having spent 10M to license the COH vaccine). If the COH vaccine is a flop, they essentially blew 10M in 2 months. If the results are great, this will all be forgotten. But then why not raise at a much higher level. Clearly mismanagement, but keeps them funding their phase 2 vaccines for another year. Maybe if they announced a MUC1 vaccine in clinic it would be worth it.
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