$OCGN 1. @larryramer is a fuckin tool bag. 2. The politicians holding Pfizer is absolutely sickening. 3. The politicians holding options in Moderna is absolutely sickening. 4. People are fucking DIEING 5. mNRA has never been used commercially to fight any viral infection, until now 6. People are fucking DIEING 7. Chinese whole virion vaccines are GARBAGE 8. In America we are proud of our freedom of choice? (We don’t have that freedom, Congress/ FDA do! 9. My wife and most of her family are vaccine hesitant & the government blames facebook, I’m sure you know folks that are too & I cannot wait to get my COVAXIN jab 10. I’m sick of dirty politicians and you should be too 11. I’m sick of hedge funds attacking us, like the money their making off NVAX MRNA isn’t enough 12. Hedge funds don’t give fucks about PFE because PFE’s business model is way too big to pull substantially measurable gains 17. Once they realize they can make money off is too, then MAYBE, just MAYBE well have our day