$ENVB The catalysts I see for the coming future: 1) CEO in the last two years sent a letter to shareholders with plans for the year once on Feb 28, once on Jan 05. I expect one here too. 2) One of their three drugs was approved by the Israel lab for a human trial on people with brain cancer back in June (and for a day it spiked 2-3 times), now we wait in Q1 for the next step, for Ministery of Health from Israel to approve the test (I expect it to jump also 2-3 times on that day), and they plan to submit for approval to US' FDA to allow to create human trials some time in Q2. Now in Israel the focus is on the Covid vaccine rollout, but it is going faster than anywhere in the world, so when that is done, they can focus on other approvals. There are good catalysts, but not for this week, but for this quarter. However, I feel it fell unduly from 7 to 3.8 due to the reverse split, so I feel it can go back at least to 6 without news of trials from the company.
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