$GHSI finally sold all of my shares today. Couldn’t put up with this manipulation bs any more from these MMs crooks. Made over $3k but still not happy about it. Anyway, profit is profit. I’ll be back in if this drops in the .19-.22 again. Still like this company’s catalysts that’s why I stayed on this board since last August but goddamn this company needs to stand up against these MMs crooks and protect its investors for once. They let themselves get bullied so easily and not doing shiet about it. I know it’s a young public company but c’mon. This is a reason why it gets beaten down to the teens from $4 in less than 8 months being public. Anyhow, i wish all of my bullish friends here the best of luck and have a great weekend. I’ll be back when the time is right. 🤜🤛🤘
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