$BTC.X Not trying to be a hateful basher here. I ll tell you why I am bearish on Bitcoin and I welcome any education on this topic. - Why would anyone adapt Bitcoin as public tender instead of copying the open source blockchain and create its own more Equitable currency, considering there is tech proficiency, and will set up the mining for it. - Why wouldnt the same code for other more efficient cryptos be adapted? - Why would and for that matter, why SHOULD governments give up control of the money, one thing which legitimizes it? Sure, i see the value in Bitcoin being an already extensively mined crypto being there. but doesnt take away the fact that first movers are at a ridiculous advantage here. Why is this not a ponzi? Also, i ll let you know, i have proof that i was a buyer @ $600, and i have used bitcoin for its legitimate use, as a payment system years before any of yous could even qualify to buy it. Again, sharing this so no one deems me a 'paid shill'. Thanks.
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