$GRWG 7:30 PM tonight GrowGeneration Support Group Come get it off your chest. Meet others who share your fate. Share your story and your misery. Build a network of other miserable motherfuckers just like you. Tonight is our monthly Whine and Dine dinner. We apologize in advance, but the darts league has been discontinued. When shorts fielded a team they became targets. We apologize for our unruly colleagues. We hope you heal well.
@AbsurdistFiction brutal day, some humor is much welcome. I doubled down on my positions, it’s a gift at these prices. What many don’t realize is that GRWG doesn’t need federal legislation unlike MSOs. In fact state by state is what helps them more, giving them enough time to dominate each state market and grow to $50M+ level. But sentiment matters, so I think we may bleed or trade sideways till earnings. Or pull away from other MJ stocks (which was starting to happen barring today) and trade based on fundamentals. Let’s see what happens !