$VXRT $VXRT @Dev12 FDA Public calendar not updated; tomorrow will be 17 days. fda.gov/news-events/fda-mee... People have asked if this timespan is normal, and in my sample size, no. The FDA public calendar is typically updated weekly, every Thursday. I was FINALLY able to find another time in history when the public calendar was not updated timely - coincidentally, 17 days. 12/13-19, 2020, updated on 01/05/2021. What happened during this 17-day window? Take a look at the screenshot or link fda.gov/news-events/fda-mee... **Note: This post is highly speculative and does not reflect anything to do with Vaxart** Earlier this month, I likened Dr. Califf, FDA Commissioner, to Where's Waldo. He has been missing from public view since 09/03/2022; tomorrow will be 17 days. Why the delay? I've theorized that Vaxart has quietly applied for a EUA, and its approval could be the lucky Trojan Horse surprise, but just a theory, no evidence or facts to support it, just a lot of oddities surrounding it.