Hey there new guy! I owned this stock at 2 bucks (70k shares at one point) and cashed out at 6.29-6.30! Thanks for your input! As far as the last couple years YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK BACK A BIT FURTHER! This has been a total POS since it’s IPO & still not even halfway back after 9 years of PURE BULL MARKET! LASTLY! I sold my last 30k shares at 6.29 bought $CLVS at 4.80 roughly a month ago it’s now $12 going on $30 and VERY PROBABLE BUYOUT! GL THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME! Dead money! Only one making money from here is the INSANELY OVERPAID CEO! The entire market is hitting new ALL-Time high after new all time high & ZNGA has DONE NADA! Happy Thanksgiving!
@BITKOIN4LIFE stocks is over %100 from the last few years.... Shouldn't need to state the obvious but, that's good.. steady climbing. If your looking for some overnight 100% run go try your luck with pennies. Bash all ya want they're moving this company forward slow and steady.
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