$OPK Oh would you look at that. MORE PCR testing demands for NFL. Removing POC tests game day for PCR. Very interesting. The NFL isnt demanding POC tests, they are demanding MORE PCR. The $QDEL POC is obviously great and serving a purpose, but for reasons... They want more PCR. My guess is to need to catch infections sooner than later to limit any spread. VERY GOOD NEWS FOR US. espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/301... Will it translate to the SP probably not. But the fundamentals will continue to improve, all we can rely on now. Expect the NBA to follow suit shortly, we got training camps, preseason, and obviously the nba season. The NBA will require waaaaaaaay more testing than than before. Training camps will probably start in NOV, only a few weeks away, AFTER ER. 😢Lets hope we get some PR for this tomorrow or a few days from then. THAT might give us a boost going into ER. GL
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