$JCP slowly bleeding out today, small volume but able to hit stop losses as well as find shares from brokers like BLK who are willing to short, short again, or continue to cover cheap. Jill Soltau has no story as of yet, hell, she has reduced inventory over the last year by 10-29% per quarter and still has racks and racks of rags in the stores in every dept and from what I see has not purchased any new clothing to be more current and hip for 12-40 year old working people or coolness factor. This story is old and getting older, facts are facts, sorry for those that don't want the facts, so please keep reading all the green grass, blue sky, wonder woman stories about the CEO and will see if your Fairy Tale comes true, but for now there is nothing, no facts or results that give shareholders a reason to invest. There is only 1 thing positive here. Wall Street is senseless, the herd mentality and machine algo's 'might' turn this around on it's own, for now it's not the CEO's performance
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